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We are on a quest to jewelify men. It's time for the Scandinavian minimalism, to meet the chaos of the world, creating structured fun for you to wear and others to enjoy.
Introducing Sir Greczula X JonasPhilippe, a freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet created in collab with the artist Kristofer Greczula

Introducing Sir Greczula, a freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet created in collab with Kristofer Greczula, together we will push our vision even further to jewlify men. Greczula has tunes that punch you in the emotional solar plexus and a vibe that releases your inner jazzninja.The pearls dancing to the beat of the night makes Kristofer Greczula and JonasPhilippe a perfect match. This will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

My dad, a flamboyant rolling stone, who never had a boring day in his life, makes me want to de-borefy life, starting with male jewelry.
The man behind the brand

Papa was a rolling stone

I want to take the DNA of my dad by celebrating the heritage from what he created, ,melt it and build it up again, putting some gemstones on it and jewelify the world.

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