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The Greczula

The Greczula, a pearl collection for men in collaboration with the artist Kristofer Greczula. Together we will push our vision even further to jewelify men.
Greczula has tunes that punch you in the emotional solar plexus and a vibe that releases your inner jazzninja. The pearls comes in AAA+ quality
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Sir Carlsson Bracelet
Regular price kr1,995.00 kr1,197.00
Sir Greczula Pearl Necklace
Regular price kr2,495.00
Sir Greczula Pearl Bracelet
Regular price kr1,699.00
Mr Greczula Pearl Necklace
Regular price kr899.00
Sir Iceberg Necklace
Regular price kr1,899.00 kr759.00
Sir Bloomberg Brooch
Regular price kr1,895.00 kr978.00
Mr Badu ring
Regular price kr899.00 kr449.50
Mr Greczula Pearl Earrings
Regular price kr699.00 kr279.00

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